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I have training in the history, rituals, and texts of Judaism.  I have experience in working with couples to personalize their wedding ceremony as a reflection of their true selves.  I can help you blend the solidity of your Jewish heritage with the uniqueness with which you perceive the world. When I officiate, we share your story of love under the chupah of generations.

rabbi ithaca finger lakes wedding officiant funeral
rabbi ithaca wedding officiant funeral

“It was a beautiful ceremony and we were incredibly touched by the speech you gave… Thanks again for helping make our wedding so special.”   


Scott and Alexis

rabbi ithaca officiant finger lakes ny wedding funeral teacher jewish
rabbi ithaca wedding funeral finger lakes officiant

“We knew you were the perfect choice to marry us, but we weren’t prepared for just how beautiful a job you would do! The ceremony was perfect. It was beautiful and meaningful, traditional and unique, focused, and fun. We will remember it forever.

Emily and Victor



rabbi ithaca wedding funeral officiant finger lakes jewish teacher
Rabbi ithaca tziona havdallah wedding jewish funeral officiant teacher ceremony
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