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I am honored to care for you and your family as we honor and remember your loved one.

"Dear Rabbi Szajman, We are so thankful for the support and guidance you gave us during my Dad’s passing, funeral, shiva services and just everything. I feel so fortunate to have met you.  I would love to hug you again to thank you. Your Eulogy was such a beautiful testament to my Dad, my family, and our love for one another.  You helped my family through such a difficult time and allowed us to mourn our wonderful Dad.  You brought our tearful, biographical, and happy stories to life with your eloquent eulogy.  My children were so uplifted by your leadership, support, and love. My grandchildren and children were loved so much by Dad. Mom’s complete story of their first date finally surfaced in it’s entirety in your loving eulogy. Thanks Rabbi. Please know you made this emotional process respectful, positive, and beautiful for those of us who lost our loved one.”         

Debra Gilinsky, Binghamton, NY

ithaca funerals rabbi officiant
Ithaca Funerals rabbi officiant

“Dear Rabbi Szajman, Our family sincerely appreciates your kindness and compassion during the difficult days following the loss of our dear mother, Sylvia Azersky.  We will never forget your meeting with our family, listening to our stories and transforming them into a beautiful tribute to our mom.  Thank you."

Sincerely, Mike Maddie and Family, Binghamton, NY

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